Human jaws are strong enough to bite off ears and even damage hard objects like wood and concrete. More often than not, it is the pain we feel in our teeth and mouth that prevents us from chomping down harder. Scientists have measured that on average, humans can bite with about 45 kilograms of force. Although this may not sound like a lot, all that force is coming down on the points of the teeth, so it is capable of doing significant damage. Crocodiles
are able to snap their jaws shut with a force of about 1500 kilograms. The sat water crocodile’s bite is the strongest bite known in the animal kingdom. Although most carnivores have very strong jaws, researchers have found that gorillas have very strong jaws too. They need such powerful jaws to crush tough plants like bamboo. Their bite is stronger than a tiger’s or hyena’s bite. Hyenas in the wild have been observed to bite hard enough to crush large bones fairly easily.

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